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About Sens Creative

Sens Creative is a cross-disciplinary, digital product strategy and design studio lead by Robert Sens – a seasoned product designer with expertise in human-centered product development. We use research, collaborative design thinking, and creative problem solving to help guide our clients toward strategic product decisions that will have a positive impact on their business and their brand.

We specialize in:

Product Strategy

Product Design


Branding / Visual Design

About Robert Sens

Robert Sens is a digital product designer, strategist, and tactician with expertise in Design/Product Strategy, Research, Experience Design (UX), Interface Design (UI), Art Direction, Branding, Visual Design, and Development. His cross-disciplinary background and expertise facilitates projects through their entire lifecycle – from planning, discovery, and research, through ideation, iterative design, validation, and development.

Our Approach

Our approach to product development and design is an extremely flexible, collaborative, and iterative two-phase process. As a project evolves, these two phases often overlap and can repeat as necessary based on research findings. Facilitating communication and collaboration is critical to the success of a project and takes place regularly across the entire process.

Phase 1: Design Strategy


  • Meet with key stakeholders
  • Learn business objectives
  • Extract & analyze existing data
  • Develop project plan & timeline


  • Understand market trends
  • Analyze competitive landscape
  • Define potential user community
  • Observe user behavior & pain points


  • Analyze data & research findings
  • Identify opportunity areas
  • Develop “How might we” scenarios
  • Establish approach & MVP

Phase 2: Design Execution


  • Divergent/convergent ideation
  • Sketch & define ideas collaboratively
  • Define high-level concepts
  • Wireframe initial designs approaches


  • Develop prototypes
  • Test concepts with potential users
  • Synthesize & analyze findings
  • Iterate design & repeat (as necessary)


  • Finalize UI & visual design
  • Document product specifications
  • Facilitate development process
  • Launch

Our Work

A few of our recent projects that we are excited to share with the world.

  • All
  • Product Design
  • Visual Design
  • Case Studies
Reserve Android App, UX & Design Responsive Website, UX & Design
CNBC Prime Launch Campaign, Design & Development
Reserve Check Splitting App Feature, UX & Design
Designing a Chatbot Case Study: User Experience + Design Responsive Website, UX & Design
Various Clients Logo Design & Illustrations
Various Clients Presentation Design & Development
Exploring In-App Restaurant Discovery Case Study: Ideation, Research, & Testing

Our (Flexible) Toolkit

Our design approach is always flexible and never static – a wide array of tools can be activated based on the requirements, constraints, and velocity of a project. Here are just a few samples of the tools and techniques we utilize to generate ideas, gather data, or structure information.


  • In-context Research
  • Landscape Analysis
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • User Journey & Relational Maps


  • Divergent/Convergent Ideation
  • Collaborative Sketching
  • Concept & Mind Mapping
  • Sketch App + Principle
  • Adobe Creative Suite


  • Paper Prototypes
  • User Testing
  • Pitch Creation
  • Success/Failure Definition
  • Heuristic Evaluation

+ Many More...

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